Erawan Shrine

Home to the four-faced golden statue of Brahma called Phra Phrom, the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok is one of the top religious destinations in the country. The place of frequent traditional Thai performances and worship, the 20th century shrine was originally built in order to cleanse the area of any bad karma and bring luck to the hotel that commissioned it, but stands today as a monument on its own merits.

The shrine is decorated with seemingly hundreds of floral garlands or fruits and even meats, and pilgrims and followers will light incense on the steps leading up to the shrine or donate money, paying their respects to Brahma around the clock.

Located on Thanon Rama and Thanon Ratchadamn to the north of the Four Seasons Hotel, the shrine also has an interesting history. In 2006, a man was beaten to death by bystanders after he desecrated the statue with a hammer early one morning, leaving most of it in ruins.
Adresse: Thanon Ratchadamri, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
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