Barcelona Flamenco

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Barcelona Flamenco

Flamenco is the passionate style of traditional music, song and dance of the Gypsies of Andalusia. Flamenco takes three forms: Cante, (song), Baile, (dance), and Guitarra, (guitar). It features swirling skirts, rhythmic patterns, and sophisticated footwork and hand gestures, with singing at the heart of the tradition. Flamenco songs explore themes of love, politics and humor, and the lyrics reflect the suffering of the gypsy people.

Flamenco is classified into “palos”, based on rhythm, chord, and origin. The serious style is “cante jondo”; “cante chico” is light and humorous; “cante intermedio” is anything else. "Tablaos flamencos" developed in the sixties, replaced the "café cantante".

Feel the passion of flamenco at Barcelona's legendary Torre Cordobes, where some of the greatest names in flamenco have performed. While being entertained by the fabulous live flamenco show, enjoy a traditional Spanish meal of paella, pastries and fruit with sangria, wine and beer.

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