Antiquarium of the Palace Museum

Inside the walls of the Forbidden City complex—a vast museum in its own right—sits the Antiquarium of the Palace Museum. This collection is divided into galleries based on art form and features artifacts such as including paintings, clocks, pottery, furniture, and figures made of jade and bronze, some dating back to the days when Qing emperors roamed the halls and gardens of the Forbidden City. A look at the possessions of these Chinese emperors is a great way to get an idea of their enormous wealth and status.

Among the many notable artifacts is the Nine Dragon Screen, a colorful glazed brick wall—one of three of similar styles in China (the other two are in Beihai Park and Datong). Other exhibits worth a visit are the Treasure Gallery (inside the Palace of Tranquil Longevity) and the Clock Exhibition Hall (inside the Hall for Ancestry Worship).
Adresse: 4 Jingshan Front Street, Beijing, Northern China 100009, Kina
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