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Führerbunker translates from German to “leader’s bunker” and is the site of Hitler’s fortified underground air raid shelter. He died here by his own hand in the last days of World War II. Today all that remains at the site is an information board marking the bunker’s former location. 

The Basics
Located near the Reich Chancellery in central Berlin (Nazi headquarters), the Führerbunker was an air raid shelter that formed part of an underground complex used by high-ranking Nazi officials. Built during WWII, it was designed to protect the leaders from bombing raids. Hitler married Eva Braun at the bunker before the couple committed suicide in April 1945. The bunker itself was demolished 1989 and a car park created in the location. 

Things to Know Before You Go
  • The bunker no longer exists; instead, an information plaque marks the site.
  • Many people choose to visit the site as part of a guided historical tour as the site is somewhat hard to find. 
  • The location of the bunker was not marked until 2006.

How to Get There
The Führerbunker was located under Wilhelmstrasse near the intersection with Gertrud-Kolmar-Strasse, a short walk from Potsdamer Platz and the Brandenburg Gate. Berlin walking and bike tours often stop here. The closest metro stop is Brandenburger Tor on the S-Bahn. Go with a tour to avoid hunting around for the plaque. 

When to Get There
The bunker was demolished in the late 1980s. All the remains is a small information plaque. The former site of the bunker is a public place and can be accessed 24 hours a day year-round. 

Visit Potsdamer Platz
In the pre-war years, Potsdamer Platz was a thriving area with shops and restaurants, but it was badly damaged by allied bombing in WWII and then left to ruin as a no-man’s-land divided in two by the Berlin Wall. After the wall came down, the area rebounded with shops, bars, restaurants, and movie theaters. It’s one of Berlin’s most popular spots for evening entertainment. 
Adresse: Gertrud-Kolmar Strasse, Berlin, Tyskland
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