Museum of Asian Art

With over 20,000 Asian artifacts, the Museum of Asian Art in Berlin is one of the largest museums of ancient Asian art in the world. It came to be as a result of the German Turfan expeditions, which were conducted between 1902 and 1914 in Xinjiang, China. It focuses more specifically on works dating back to 4000 B.C. and originating from the Indo-Asian subcontinent (Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, and India, to name a few), most notably Buddhist sacred sites.

The famous Turfan collection is one of the museum’s most sought-after highlights; it features 1800-years old paintings and sculptures from what is today northwest China. The museum features plenty of other crowd-pleasers, including the precious Berlin Yuegutang Collection (Chinese ceramics from the Neolithic period) and a collection of Japanese paintings and East-Asian lacquer objects. India is also well-represented, with several thousand-year-old terracotta sculptures and a true-to-size round stupa and the rectangular temple, a testament to India’s sacred architecture. The museum houses a traditional Japanese room where tea ceremonies are observed.
Adresse: Lansstraße 8, Berlin, Germany, Tyskland
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