Palace of Tears

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Palace of Tears, or Tränenpalast in German, is a building at Berlin's Friedrichstrasse station that was a border crossing point during the time when the city was split between East and West. It was used by people crossing into West Berlin, so those transiting through here were mostly people who lived in West Berlin who were returning home after visiting family in East Berlin. Due to the painful good-byes that took place here, it was dubbed the Palace of Tears. It was built in 1962 and operated until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989.

Today it serves as a museum with a permanent exhibition detailing the border experience and every day life in the divided Germany. Visitors can view original materials, photographs, films, documents, and interviews with witnesses, all of which document the effects and consequences of the border on the lives of Germans during this time. The exhibition also displays information on the key turning points of the reunification process.
Adresse: Reichstagufer 17, Berlin, Germany 10117, Tyskland
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