Bermuda Aquarium, Museum & Zoo

Fuchsia-pink flamingoes are the highlight at the on-site zoo, but it’s the fish that win all the accolades at Bermuda’s well-regarded Aquarium, one of the territory’s most popular attractions.

Audio guides provide information about the specimens displayed in each tank, which are kitted out to re-create Bermuda’s marine ecosystems.

On show are around 200 species of fish, plus a living coral reef (the first in the world) that’s a must-see if you’re planning on doing any diving while in Bermuda, preparing you for the wonders of the deep that await.

Along with parrot fish, puffers and groupers, there are loggerhead turtles, sharks and green turtles. Seal-feeding time is especially popular, along with interactive tours.

The natural history museum is ideal for families, with hands-on discovery activities and animal storytelling for younger kids. The museum’s exhibits provide a fascinating overview of Bermuda’s plants and animals, with fossils, taxidermied creatures, shells and geological specimens to browse.
Adresse: 40 North Shore Road, Flatts Village, Bermuda
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