Zipaquira Salt Cathedral

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Zipaquira Salt Cathedral
Zipaquira's attractive Spanish Colonial center, built with the wealth of the massive nearby salt mines, was founded in the 1760s some 31 miles (50 km) north of the Colombian capital. Today the 'City of Salt,' replete with quaint cafes and souvenir shops, is Bogota's most popular day trip—you can even make it in an antique steam train.

You are here to see the famed Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, considered one of Colombia's 'Seven Wonders' and its architectural crown jewel. Climb to the Parque de Sal (Salt Park), just southeast of downtown, to enjoy the Plaza of the Miners' great views and evocative art. From here, you'll begin your journey 590 feet (180 meters) into the heart of an enormous salt mountain.

The structure was carved from the mines, using both heavy machinery and the most sophisticated sculpting tools, thanks to a team led by architect Roswell Garavito Pearl and engineer Jorge Enrique Castelblanco Reyes in 1995. It is most famous for its understated Stations of the Cross, but there are finer pieces of art dedicated to both the church and those who worked here long before it was built. While most of your time is spent wandering through the chill and colorfully lit cathedral, a film at the end of the tour delves into the gritty history of the mines. For an extra fee you can even mine a bit of salt yourself.
Adresse: Cra 7, Zipaquirá, Colombia
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