Frost Ice Loft

Frost Ice Loft
Travelers don’t have to venture to Russia or the North Pole to experience the magic of sipping handmade cocktails and glasses of bubbly in frozen tundra. That’s because the novel Frost Ice Bar in Boston keeps its chilly interior at a cool 21 degrees to insure the sculpted ice bar, chairs and other furnishing don’t melt. 

Visitors must purchase tickets in advance for set-time entry, but once they’ve passed the entrance to this one-of-a-kind bar, they’ll slip on cozy parkas and warm gloves before tucking into one of the snowy seats (or saddling up to the ice block bar) for a delicious drink. It’s the perfect warm weather destination to escape balmy New England summers, but Frost Ice Loft is also a fun winter spot for travelers looking to enjoy the chill instead of running from it.
Adresse: 200 State St, Boston, MA, USA 02109, USA
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