Kazinczy Street Synagogue

Kazinczy Street Synagogue
Located in the heart of Budapest’s buzzing Jewish Quarter, Kazinczy Street Synagogue belongs to the city’s tradition-bound, ultra-Orthodox community and was completed in 1913 by Hungarian architects, the Löffler brothers, in glorious Secessionist style. Largely constructed of red brick, it has decorative battlements detailed with the Star of David and other religious imagery.

Destroyed in 1944 during World War II, the synagogue has risen phoenix-like from its ashes and its breathtaking interior is once more a riot of color, with stained glass in intricate floral designs by master-craftsman Miksa Róth – who also designed two windows in St Stephen’s Basilica – decorative tiles featuring menorahs and floral motifs; ornate chandeliers; and Ancient Egyptian-style columns and pediments. There is capacity for 1,000 worshippers, still strictly segregated with the women relegated upstairs to the balconied galleries.

Today the Kazinczy Street Synagogue is still central to Budapest’s Orthodox community, encompassing a Talmud school and communal hall and surrounded by kosher shops and the only remaining mikvah (ritual baths) in the city.
Adresse: Kazinczy Street 27-29, Pest District VII, Budapest, Hungary 1075, Ungarn
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