Anuva Wines

Anuva Wines
The world’s fifth largest wine producer and famed for its rich and fruity Malbec, Argentina’s world-class wines are renowned around their world. Whether you’re searching for the perfect wine to match your steak dinner or planning a tour of the country’s idyllic wine regions, there’s no excuse for not sampling a glass or two of the country’s acclaimed wines.

Wine lovers will be in their element at Anuva Wines, Buenos Aires’ premium wine club, who host wine tastings for visitors at their private wine loft in Palermo Soho.  Run by American expat Daniel Karlin and his Argentine wife, Anuva’s aim is to introduce foreigners to a range of local small-batch boutique wines, carefully matched with local culinary specialties. The customized wine tastings typically include 5 wine selections, coupled with a selection of Argentine-style tapas. Think a glass of Carinae Malbec accompanied by a steak-stuffed empanada, or a sparkling white sipped with Roquerfort and apple crackers. Finally, if you want to take some bottles home with you, Anuva will even organize international shipping on your behalf.
Adresse: Buenos Aires 1426, Buenos Aires, Palermo Soho, Argentina
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