From the nomadic gauchos of the Pampas to the skilled champions of polo, Argentina boasts an illustrious equestrian history that draws horse lovers from all over the world. One of Buenos Aires’ principal equestrian venues is the Hippodrome race ground, located in the central Palermo district off Libertador Avenue, where weekly races are held on the 2.4 km track.

Although inaugurated in 1876, the elegant Hippodrome was remodeled in the early 20th-century, with French architect Faure Dujarric refashioning the entrance hall and 2000-capacity grandstand in an ornate Art Nouveau style. The magnificent building is now a popular haunt for both locals and tourists, most notably during mid November, when the Grand National, or the Argentine Derby, draws in large crowds.

Around 10 races are held at the Hippodrome each month so there are plenty of opportunities to experience the excitement of a live event. Don’t fancy splashing some cash? The Hippodrome complex also features a lavish underground casino, an art exhibition space, shopping mall and an array of top restaurants and bistros to keep non-betting visitors entertained.
Adresse: Avenida del Libertador 4101, Buenos Aires, Palermo, Argentina
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