Old Biscuit Mill

Housed in a Victorian-era biscuit factory in the middle of Woodstock, Cape Town’s Old Biscuit Mill now houses day and night markets where local and traveling foodies flock to sample some of the city’s best bites. 

On any given day, the market teems with diners and shoppers enjoying the mill’s many restaurants and designer shops, but it’s on Saturdays that things really get lively. Each Saturday the Neighbourgoods Market takes over the Old Biscuit Mill, with more than 100 local vendors selling craft food, organic produce, artisanal chocolate, beer, cheese, clothes and crafts, all to the sounds of live music.

Hungry travelers will find one of the world’s best restaurants, the Test Kitchen, inside the Old Biscuit Mill, as well as the slightly more budget-friendly Pot Luck Club.

Adresse: 375 Albert Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa, Sør-Afrika
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