Chincheros Indian Market

Chincheros Indian Market
The colorful Sunday market in the traditional Andean town of Chincheros attracts stallholders and browsers from near and far. Known as the 'birthplace of the rainbow,' Chincheros has the full range of photogenic attractions: Inca ruins, Andean village houses, an elaborate colonial church built on Inca foundations, and, of course, the lively weekly market.

Visit to buy vegetables from the local traders and Andean handicrafts from the Quechua stallholders. The handwoven textiles are a particular highlight and a proudly preserved Inca tradition. The highlanders trade their woven crafts for the fruit and vegetables grown at lower altitudes. Travelers will also find jewelry, pottery, toys, rugs and musical pipes for sale at the market.
Adresse: Chinchero, Peru
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