Dubai Desert Safaris

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Dubai Desert Safaris

When many people dream of the Arabian Desert, they dream of exotic belly dancers, camel riding and, more recently, tearing through the dunes in a 4x4.

The 1001 Arabian Stars Private Safari is a great option. Starting in the early afternoon, you are taken through the dunes in a 4x4 to a camel farm. After riding the camels, you will watch the sun set across the sand. As night falls, the camp becomes alive with belly dancing, delicious barbeques and sheesha smoking. This is a great way to experience how life was for the Arab settlers in the Dubai desert. The next morning, you will be returned to your hotel.

If you’re tight for time or don’t fancy sleeping in the desert, then there are several one day tours available too, in which you drive towards the Hatta village, which has existed since the 16th century. The Hatta village lies on dry river beds, which wind up the mountain towards a glorious oasis, where you can cool off in the turquoise rock pools.

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