Bat Trang Ceramic

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A handful of seemingly sleepy traditional trade villages—most known for their local crafts—dot the scenic hillsides just beyond Hanoi, and Bat Trang Ceramic, famous for its intricately painted tiles, pots, vases and plates, is one of the most popular. Travelers can explore the dozens of shops that line the streets of this ancient village, where, in spite of its quiet vibe, local artisans work tirelessly producing some of the most exquisite pottery in the nation, having perfected the age-old craft.

In addition to visiting the traditional factories, collecting pieces by local artisans and learning about the ancient art of ceramics from Bat Trang experts, travelers can comb through shops and learn from locals how to paint ceramic statues using traditional glazes, or even craft bowls and vases by hand. Visitors transform raw clay into expertly enameled pieces of art under the watchful eyes of Bat Trang’s trained ceramics masters, and although they may never look quite as beautiful as those of the experts, these handcrafted ceramics are the perfect reminder of a trip to Bat Trang.
Adresse: Bat Trang Ceramic Village, Hanoi, Vietnam
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