Floral Hall

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Coffee breaks don’t come with a more scenic backdrop than Inverness’ Floral Hall, one of the city’s most unique attractions. Opened by Prince Edward in 1993, the Floral Hall includes a series of ornamental gardens, sub-tropical greenhouses, creative water features and ponds filled with tropical fish, set around a popular café. The Cacti House, home to the Highlands’ largest collection of succulents, is a highlight of the gardens, housing an award winning collection, and the dramatic seasonal floral arrangements on display are legendary among local gardeners. The centerpiece of the stone walled gardens is the newly opened Memory Garden, home to the Tree of Tranquility, a poignant sculpture created by the SiMBA charity in support of women who have miscarried or lost a baby – each leaf is personally engraved by the bereaved. 

Whether you choose to stroll the idyllic walkways, sip cappuccinos amidst elegant floral displays or indulge your gardening passions at the adjourning visitor and information center, the gardens are a pocket of tranquility that provide the perfect escape from the city streets.
Adresse: Bught Ln, Inverness, Inverness-Shire IV3 5SS, Skottland
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