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The wooded hilltop of Tomnahurich, or the ‘Hill of the Yews’, is one of Inverness’ most prominent landmarks, a glacial esker located a mile out of the city center. The summit, a steep 67-meter peak overlooking the Caledonian Canal, is home to a war memorial and the 18th and 19th century cemetery of the same name, with notable burials including Major-General Sir Robert Adams and submariner Rear Admiral Sir Anthony Capel Miers – both holders of the Victorian Cross medal.

Despite its poignant memorials, Tomnahurich remains most famous for its folklore legends. If you believe the myths, the hill is the seat of the Fairy Queen and a local fairytale tells the tall tale of the two traveling fiddlers who were tricked into playing for the fairies and disappeared for a hundred years. Another legend dictates that the 13th-century seer Thomas the Rymer was buried beneath the summit with his army of men and horses, ready to be resurrected in Scotland’s hour of need. Far fetched though the legends may be, there’s no doubting the enchanted Tomnahurich holds a special place in the hearts of locals and climbing to its peak is one of the city’s most popular walks, affording pleasant views over the surrounding countryside.
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