Camlica Hill

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Just a few kilometers from Uskudar in Istanbul, Camlica Hill offers a different perspective of the city. Split into two hills – Big Camlica and Little Camlica – it is a popular destination for residents to picnic and barbeque on the weekends.

At 267 meters above sea level, Big Camlica is the highest point in Istanbul and, not surprisingly, offers panoramic views of the surrounding area. From the top, you can see the Bosphorus Bridge, Eminonu Peninsula, the Sea of Marmara and the Princes’ Island.  On the clearest of days, you can also see as far as Mount Uludag near Bursa.  Tea gardens, restaurants and a variety of vendors are also scattered around the hill.

Little Camlica is the quieter of the two hills. Despite its pleasant gardens and walking trails, it attracts fewer visitors than its counterpart.  

The view from Camlica Hill at sunset is superb, with the silhouettes of Istanbul’s domes and minarets glowing in front of the colorful sky. Visiting in the springtime is also pleasure as tulips are planted ahead of the annual Istanbul Tulip Festival and wildflowers are in bloom.
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