Green Tomb

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Green Tomb
The Green Tomb is a mausoleum of Sultan Mehmed I Celebi that forms part of the Green Mosque complex in Bursa, Turkey.  Perched high on a hill in the Yesil neighborhood, the tomb stands above the rest of the complex. Built shortly after the death of the sultan in 1421, the exterior of the tomb features blue green tiles similar to those you will see at the Green Mosque. However, most were replaced after an earthquake significantly damaged the tomb in 1855.

The interior of the Green Tomb is richly decorated, beginning with carved wooden doors and colorful Iznik tiles that adorn the entry portal.  Inside, blue green tiles cover the lower portion of the walls and floral themes are evident throughout the tomb. One niche features a mosaic depicting a garden of carnations, roses and hyacinths while the tiles on the royal catafalque form additional flower designs.
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