Koza Hani

Koza Hani
The Koza Hani, also known as the Cocoon Inn, was a caravanseri commissioned by Sultan Bayezid II in the late 15th century. Constructed in the city of Bursa, it was intended to provide income for the sultan’s mosque in Istanbul. As the final stop on the Silk Road from China, the han was a place where merchants could try to sell the last of their goods, particularly silk.

Intricate turquoise tiling adorns the entrance to the han, which soon gives way to a cozy garden setting in the center courtyard. In classical Ottoman style, the structure features two stories of galleries surrounding an inner courtyard, with nearly 100 rooms altogether.  An absolution fountain and small prayer room sit in the middle of the courtyard and cells to the east of the han were built as stables and storage rooms.

The Koza Hani remains an active bazaar today and its tradition of being a center for the silk trade continues. Visitors can peruse a variety of shops and boutiques selling fine silk products and try their hand at haggling as prices are negotiable.
Adresse: Tyrkia
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