Krakow Archaeology Museum

Krakow Archaeology Museum
While not nearly as big as other archaeology museums in the world, that of Krakow’s has the particularity of being home to the world’s only Slavonic god to ever be unearthed – an 8-feet tall, 4-faced piece of stone. There are hundreds of other artifacts inside the museum, which offers fascinating information on the ancient people that once commanded Eastern Europe. The permanent collection consists of two exhibitions: one called Prehistory and the Early Middle Ages that focuses on the evolution of the Neanderthal cavemen to the early-medieval Poles, and another called Gods of Ancient Egypt displaying a mesmerizing collection of Egyptian antiquities. There is also a space reserved for temporary collections, which have gained quite a reputation throughout the years for being particularly interesting.

Additionally, the museum is housed in a 14th-century fortress with a fascinating history, having gone from being a lavish medieval palace to an Austrian prison later in the 19th century.
Adresse: Senacka 3, Krakow, Poland, Polen
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