National Sanctuary of Christ the King

National Sanctuary of Christ the King
This tall monument stands on a cliff overlooking Lisbon and offers one of the best views of the city and its surrounds. The figure of Christ was built in honor of God’s protection of Portugal in World War II and constructed in cement over a 10-year timeframe before it was completed and inaugurated in 1959. Inspired by the Christ the Redeemer state in Rio de Janeiro after the Cardinal Patriarch at the time visited Brazil, the monument has arms that spread out to resemble a cross and embrace the city.

At 90 feet tall (28 meters) tall, it’s an impressive sight on its own—made taller by a 270-foot (82-meter) high pedestal accessible by elevator and narrow stairs. Many claim that the view from the top is the best in all of Lisbon, with sweeping views of the city, the 25 de Abril Bridge and the Tagus River. There is a small chapel and sanctuary building at the base.
Adresse: Alto do Pragal, Avenida Cristo Rei, Almada 2800-058, Portugal
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