Boxpark Shoreditch

In London's East End in the Shoreditch neighborhood stands a unique shopping mall called Boxpark Shoreditch. It sits on a formerly vacant lot near a rail station served by London's Overground rail. The mall is built entirely of shipping containers that have been painted black. The design is purposely minimalist and targets young, hip, and urban customers. Another interesting characteristic of the mall is that the storefronts are mostly nondescript. The idea is to keep things simple and present a more level playing field among the stores. 

Though many of the retailers are smaller, independent brands, there are a few bigger names and chains. There are more than 60 retailers and galleries doing business here, mostly focused on fashion, arts, and lifestyle. There are also several cafes and restaurants selling local and international food and drinks. The mall has helped revitalize the neighborhood and is a popular place to hang out for a bite to eat with friends, relax at an outdoor cafe during nice weather, and hunt for treasures in compact shops. 
Adresse: 2-10 Bethnal Green Road, London, United Kingdom E1 6GY, England
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