Jermyn Street

Located in the heart of St. James in the City of Westminster in London, Jermyn Street is one of London’s most historic and fashionable districts. Dating back to 1664, it was dominated by the Church of St. James and lined with houses, hotels, schools and taverns. Today, it has developed a reputation for high quality British artistry and craftsmanship and is home to the finest tailors, shirt makers, leather suppliers, food and wine merchants and art galleries in the city. It is also where you will find the 70 seat Jermyn Theatre, the smallest in the West End.

Named after Henry Jermyn, who is widely regarded as the founder of London’s West End, Jermyn Street has been home to notable Brits such as Sir William Stanley, Sir John Churchill, Sir Isaac Newton, William Pitt, Sir Walter Scott and William Gladstone.
Adresse: London, England
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