MCC Cricket Museum

Located on Lord’s Cricket Ground, the MCC Cricket Museum is one of the oldest sporting museums in the world. Opened by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1953, the collection actually dates back to 1864, spanning the entire history of the sport of cricket. Items on display include the cricket kits used by some of the best players ever, including Victor Trumper, Jack Hobbs, Don Bradman and Shane Warne. There are also portraits, busts and other memorabilia related to W.G. Grace, considered the best cricket player of all time. The most famous exhibit and cricket’s most previous artifact, is the original Ashes urn, a personal gift to the English captain Hon. Ivo Bligh around 1882. Visitors can also enjoy the Brian Johnston Memorial Theater, which shows footage of great cricket performances.
Adresse: St John's Wood Rd, London, England
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