Los Angeles Theater District

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Los Angeles Theater District
Los Angeles’s Broadway Theater and Commercial District is the first and largest theater district in the United States. Los Angeles has always been a performing arts and entertainment hub, and the artistic area was listed and entered into the National Register of Historic Places. It consists of twelve historic movie theaters lining six blocks of Broadway Street. The theaters were built as early as 1910, when Los Angeles was comparatively quite small in population. By 1931, when a few of the theaters were completed, Los Angeles had the highest concentration of cinemas in the world.

Walking along Broadway Street, with the many marquees and lavishly decorated exteriors, one gets a true sense of the era frozen in time. Routine efforts are made to ensure the conservation of the area architecture and cinematic palaces and to keep the history alive in the district. Though these days, most of the theaters are used for special events or markets rather than showings of films.
Adresse: Los Angeles, California, USA
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