Stanserhorn CabriO

Stanserhorn CabriO
We all know what regular cable cars look like. The mountain Stanserhorn in the canton of Nidwalden though, has managed to provide a more revolutionary experience for its guests and at the same time, write cable car history. The world’s first convertible-style cable car, the Stanserhorn CabriO, is where the fun is at. You can have a panoramic and completely unobstructed view over a hundred kilometers of alpine peaks while you float under the open sky with pristine mountain air blowing through your fluttering hair. Among other highlights, you can see not only the city of Lucerne in the distance, but also Lucerne’s own Mount Pilatus rising 2,128 meters into the sky, the lower sprawl of the Bürgenstock and the characteristic double peak of the Mythen among a scenery of lakes and mountain meadows. The journey to the 1,900-meter high summit of the Stanserhorn also involves somewhat of a time-jump. Before visitors get to the top-modern cable car with a twist, they ride from Stans to the station in Kälti on a wooden vintage funicular from the 19th century.

Fortunately though, the open upper deck holding 30 people is completely optional and passengers can decide whether they want to ride with or without a roof. If the weather doesn’t comply with your plans or if you prefer to have four solid walls, a floor and a roof surrounding you, you can also ride in the lower, fully enclosed cabin.
Adresse: Stansstaderstrasse 19, Stans, Sveits
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