La Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida
Translated from Spanish, “ La Casa Encendida”  means the House of Fire — and it is here that social, cultural, and artistic flames are lit. Founded by the nonprofit organization Fundacion Montemadrid, the building encourages and showcases a range of local performing arts, including films, concerts, activities, and exhibitions. Though the building once housed a bank, it has become a hub for modern Spanish art and operates in support of emerging artists.

Programs at the center revolve around four themes: education, culture, solidarity, and environment. There are often live performances and film screenings taking place here. Sustainability is a priority, and there is a small orchard atop the building’s rooftop (with excellent views of the city!) There are also libraries and multimedia labs available for use, along with classrooms, a cafe, a fair-trade shop, and activities for children.
Adresse: Ronda de Valencia, 2, 28012, Madrid, Spain, Spania
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