Malaga Suggested Itineraries

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Malaga Suggested Itineraries
Malaga, though perhaps skipped over on the less comprehensive tour of Spain, is rife with history, as much as just about any city of the Old World. Founded around 770 BC by the Phoenicians, Malaga flourished throughout the Roman times, survived the 800 year rule of the Arabs, and thrived into present day Spain, where the area contends with any of the marvels of the Old World. With so much readily at hand, there’s plenty to do.

Day 1: Explore Malaga

Malaga is located in Southern Spain, within a region known as the Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun). So as you  might imagine, the area plays host to beautiful Mediterranean weather year-round. In order to best appreciate this, consider striking out on foot to get your bearings. A good hop-on hop-off tour can help get you oriented without breaking the bank (or killing your feet), but bike taxis are definitely high culture right now. There’s nothing like riding in a 21st Century bike-cum-taxicab while stealing down the cobbled alleyways of old-town and having the popular sites pointed out to you by a knowledgeable local guide.

Day 2: Delve Into Malaga’s Past

With a city as old as Malaga, it’s easy to experience the history of a place in a unique way. Consider starting your day with the Museo del Vidrio y Cristal de Malaga (Museum of Glass and Crystal), where you’ll learn the grand history of Malaga through the art its produced. And speaking of art, if Picasso rings a bell, you can always head over to the Museo Picassa Malaga. This museum is still just a fledgling and retains a highly personalized feel that visitors rave about. Afterward, grab some lunch, have a seat, and look up: the Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro stand high above the city and the sense of wonder they produce is tangible. After trekking about old town and seeing what tapas are available for lunch, head up to the apex of the hill and see some ancient Moorish gardens and corresponding architecture. Then catch a shuttle back down to old town where eager nightlife awaits you at one of the many bars and restaurants.

Day 3: Explore Day Trips Beyond Malaga

Malaga has enough to satisfy any visitor, but its proximity to everything else makes it truly a delight. On your third day, consider heading out beyond the city walls and into the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. Ronda is a short jaunt away and a notable city unto itself, spanning a gorge of monumental renown. Nejra is a only an hour away from Malaga and has a nice seaside feel to it, probably due to the beauty of its beach which the locals all seem to flock to. To the North-east lies Granada with the famous Alhambra at its gate, so it’s safe to say that whatever direction you choose to go, you’re guaranteed a good time.
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