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Top Day Trips from Malaga

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Top Day Trips from Malaga
Situated on the southern Spanish border, Malaga makes an ideal base for exploring not only surrounding Andalucia, its white hill towns, and the Costa del Sol, but also Morocco and Gibraltar. Here are some of the top day trips from the provincial capital of Malaga.

Ronda — 64 miles (103 kilometers) from Malaga
Ronda, one of Spain’s oldest towns, straddles the deep El Tajo gorge, where it was once a stronghold for bandits. Today the city—divided into the older Moorish town and the new town—ranks among the area’s most spectacular sites. The Arab Baths (Baños Arabes) are some of the best preserved in the country, and the town’s bullring is the oldest in Spain, built in 1785. See more of the region in a shorter amount of time on a guided tour, which may include a wine tasting.

Granada — 79 miles (127 kilometers) from Malaga
Known as the home of the lavish Alhambra palace, Granada was the last stronghold of the Moors in the region. There’s a lot to experience in this city in Southern Spain, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, including traditional tapas bars, live flamenco performances, edgy street art, and medieval history in spades. See more of the city on a tour, with included round-trip transportation and often skip-the-line-access to the popular Alhambra.

Gibraltar — 85 miles (136 kilometers) from Malaga
Visitors to Gibraltar will find themselves in a British territory that has Moorish, Spanish, and British touches and is home to the famous limestone Rock of Gibraltar. On a guided tour, learn of Gibraltar’s swashbuckling history, observe the area’s Barbary macaques, or shop duty-free.

Cordoba — 98 miles (158 km) from Malaga
Home of the Mezquita, one of the world’s most spectacular Islamic buildings, Cordoba packs a big cultural punch. Wander the cobbled streets of its Jewish Quarter on a tour, visit the majestic Great Mosque of Cordoba, dive into history at the oldest synagogue in Europe, and see an ancient Roman bridge.

Tangier, Morocco — 124 miles (200 kilometers) from Malaga
From Malaga, it’s possible to take travel to an entirely different country and continent—Morocco in North Africa. On a tour, you’ll cross the Strait of Gibraltar by ferry before arriving in the Moroccan city of Tangier, where a guide will lead you through the medina and colorful bazaar and arrange a feast on traditional Moroccan couscous or tagine.
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