Palma Inca Market

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One of the most vibrant bazaars in all of the old world, Mallorca’s Inca Market sits cradled in the midst of one of Spain’s most beloved towns.

Also known as “Leather City,” by the locals, should you choose to take a visit, you’ll see why. Leather merchants from all over the Balearic region flock here, so if you’re in the mood to find a deal on some quality leather, here’s the place to hunt for one. Everything from cow-hides to chaps to necklaces, belts, purses and shoes can be found here, but be ready to haggle. The Spanish are famous for their negotiating skills so don’t be shy to try and strike a bargain. When in Rome, after all….

In addition, jewelry, carved wood, lace, and fresh produce from across the land can be seen here, so even if you don’t have a dollar to spare, the market in Inca is still a good spot to stop by, see some beautiful craftwork and meet some interesting locals.

Were the market all that made the town of Inca wonderful, it would still be well-worthy of a stop. However, Inca is also known locally (and by those well-informed) for its wine-cellars as well as the old-world charm, rich wine, and incredibly affordable prices of the region’s restaurants.
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