Palma Plaza Mayor

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Palma Plaza Mayor
The Plaza Mayor is Palma’s true epicenter. Others might claim the geographic center of the city to be located elsewhere, but it is from this large plaza that all the excitement of old-town Palma generates. There’s a saying in Palma that “all roads lead to Plaza Mayor” and if you’re taking a stroll through old town, you’ll sure find this to be true.

Enter the plaza and the first thing you’ll notice is its imposing size. The enormous square is surrounded by old Spanish buildings of the 14th century and once housed the offices of the Spanish inquisition. Today, this area is known as the artist’s quarter, so you’re bound to spot a few galleries highlighting some of the local talent. In addition, a weekly market is held in the square, and a variety of notable goods can be purchased from colourful vendors here.

Labyrinthine streets emanate out from Plaza Mayor and the cobbled walkways are known to be a confusing but enjoyable jaunt down winding streets lined with boutiques, cafes, and evening revelers. Costumed street performers and street musicians typically help fill the plaza in daylight and night-time hours and locals and tourists together can be seen enjoying evening cocktails and music in the plaza.

The Plaza Mayor is now one of Palma’s main attractions and few can contend that a visit to Palma without seeing the Plaza Mayor is a visit at all.
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