Restaurante La Rueca

Restaurante La Rueca
Restaurante La Rueca offers a taste of Argentina in the heart of Medellin. Although it serves sizzling Argentine barbecue all week, the restaurant really comes alive Thursday through Saturday, when live tango shows are performed by some of the best musicians, singers, and dancers in the city. hot spot
The Basics
Restaurante La Rueca is a great nightlife destination, especially for first-time visitors to Medellín. Most travelers visit the bar as part of a guided tour that explores the history of tango in Colombia, and includes lunch or dinner and convenient round-trip transport. If you want to visit Rueca and make new friends while you’re at it, opt for a bar crawl of Zona Rosa in El Poblado.
Things to Know Before You Go
  • Reservations are recommended due to the popularity of La Rueca.
  • This is a must-visit nightlife venue in Medellín.
  • Dress to impress, especially if you’re planning to visit the swanky bars of El Poblado after La Rueca.
How to Get There
La Rueca is located at Calle 10A 36–54 in El Poblado, Medellín. The closest metro station is El Poblado, a 15-minute walk from the restaurant, so you may find it more convenient to take a taxi from your accommodation, especially if you’re visiting at night.
When to Get There
If you want to experience the restaurant at its best and most bustling, visit on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, when the tango shows are in full force and the restaurant remains open until 1am.
The Tragic Tale of Carlos Gardel
Carlos Gardel was a French-Argentine singer, dancer, and actor, and one of the biggest international stars in the history of tango. His connection to Medellín is a morbid one; he was killed when his plane crashed in Medellín at the height of his career. For that reason, Medellín is home to the Tango Museum (Casa Gardel) and Plaza Gardel, where you can find monuments to the famous dancer.
Adresse: Calle 10A # 36 – 54, El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia
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Medellín Tango City Tour og Show

Sett deg ut på en guidet tur i Medellín for å utforske de mange fasene av tango og tango kultur. Besøk populære tango steder som Casa Museo Gardeliana, lær historien om tango-musiker Carlos Gardel og hans lokale arv, og bask i skjønnheten av et levende tango show på enten El Patio del Tango eller Restaurante La Rueca. Teateropptak og rundturstransport er inkludert.
  • Varighet: 4 timer
  • Varighet: 4 timer
USD 59,00
USD 59,00
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