Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station
Flinders Street Station is Melbourne’s most historic train station and a major transportation hub. Built in 1854, the station still features remnants of the past like the large clock on the facade, stained glass windows, and old-school flip displays for train departures. The station allows travelers to shuttle between the outer suburbs and the heart of Melbourne with ease.

The Basics
Flinders Street Station proudly stands as a reminder of the past in the middle of Melbourne. A majority of city walking tours commence here (or at the iconic Federation Square across the street). Explore Melbourne’s hidden gems, including nearby Degrabest Street, or take a step back in time with a historic tour to learn more about the station and city’s past. For those who want a more in-depth overview of Melbourne, consider booking a private tour.

Things to Know Before You Go 
  • Flinders Street Railway Station is a must-visit for those interested in Melbourne’s history.
  • Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the station and on every platform.
  • The station features wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and phones. There are also tactile paths for those with impaired vision.

How to Get There
Every train, and virtually tram, in Melbourne stops at Flinders Street Station, making it the most important transportation hub in the city. The station stretches for a few blocks from Swanston Street to Elizabeth Street, and is easily walkable from the main streets of Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD). The station is located directly across from Federation Square, the city’s main meeting point.

When to Get There
Thousands of commuters flood the station every day for work, so visit outside of rush hour to avoid excessive crowds.

Flinders Street Station in the Past
With its iconic yellow facade and green dome, the station was built to be used for more than just transportation. The upper floors of the complex feature an abandoned ballroom with space for 400 guests, a now-neglected gymnasium, as well as a childcare facility used by mothers who were visiting the city. After the railroad romance ended in the mid-20th century, these facilities were closed off to the public
Adresse: Corner Flinders and Swanston Streets, Melbourne 3000, Australia
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