Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm

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Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm is in Melbourne’s beautiful Mornington Peninsula, about 75 minutes from the city by car.

The farm is one of Victoria’s premium berry producers and visitors can pick strawberries on the farm for a small fee. Known as ‘U-Pick’, the strawberry-picking season starts in late spring (November) and runs until early fall (April).

In addition to picking strawberries at the farm, you can enjoy one of several decadent strawberry desserts at the Dessert Café.

Depending on the season, fresh strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cherries are available from the Sunny Ridge Farmgate onsite. You can also purchase Sunny Ridge jams, ice creams, sorbets and freeze-dried fruits.

Combine your trip to Sunny Ridge with a visit to one of the Mornington Peninsula’s award-winning wineries.
Adresse: Australia
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