Paulaner Brewery

Paulaner Brewery
With a 400-year history of beer brewing and famously one of the six breweries that provide beer for Oktoberfest, the Paulaner Brewery is a clear contender for the title of Munich’s top brewery. The origins of the Paulaner Brewery date back to 1634, started by the Paulaner monks of Kloster Neudeck ob der Au, and it remains one of Munich’s biggest traditional breweries, producing some 2 million hectoliters each year and exporting beer to over 70 countries around the world.

Today, beer lovers can also enjoy tours of the historic brewery, viewing the malting towers, brewhouse, fermenting tanks, beer cellars and wells, and learning all about the legendary Bavarian Purity Law and how it guarantees the quality and taste of the beers. Visitors can also enjoy a beer tasting or extend their visit at the neighboring Paulaner Bräuhaus beer garden.
Adresse: Falkenstrasse 11, Munich, Germany 81541, Tyskland
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