San Lorenzo Maggiore

San Lorenzo Maggiore
There are hundreds of historic churches in Naples, so narrowing down the must see list can be hard. San Lorenzo Maggiore is worth saving time for on your busy itinerary. 

It’s at San Lorenzo Maggiore where poet Boccaccio is said to have met Fiammetta. During a visit here you’ll see a beautiful church, get a history lesson and an amazing glimpse of underground Naples. 

The Monumental Complex of San Lorenzo Maggiore contains the church and a museum that covers its remarkable history. It is constructed atop a Roman marketplace, so when speaking of San Lorenzo, it may refer to the church, the museum or archaeological site beneath. A large portion of the marketplace has been excavated and visitors are allowed to wander around to see the well-preserved remains of ancient shops. On the UNESCO World Heritage list, the marketplace is the only large-scale Greco-Roman site excavated in the downtown area.
Adresse: Via del Tribunali, 316, Naples, Italy 80138, Italia
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