Chrysler Building

One of New York City’s most recognizable and distinct skyscrapers, the Chrysler Building is considered a masterpiece of art deco architecture. The tallest building in the world when it debuted in 1930, it was soon surpassed by the Empire State Building. Today, however, the Chrysler Building remains the world's loftiest brick building.


The Basics

The Chrysler Building is visible from all over town, but there are a number ways to get a firsthand look at the landmark. Visit as part of an architecture- or photography-themed walking tour, or zip by on a coach or driving tour of Manhattan’s highlights.


The skyscraper can also be spotted from the air on a helicopter tour, or from the water’s edge on a boat tour. While the Chrysler Building does not have an observation deck, visitors can freely tour its lobby, where an elaborate mural by artist Edward Trumbull decorates the ceiling.


Things to Know Before You Go

  • While the Chrysler Building’s lobby is open to visitors, the rest of the building is off-limits to tourists.
  • A helicopter tour or the Empire State Building’s observation deck provides the best perspectives of the Chrysler Building.
  • Renowned as an icon of art deco design, the Chrysler Building is a must for architecture buffs.

How to Get There

Conveniently located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, the Chrysler Building is very accessible. The landmark is a short walk from Grand Central Terminal and Times Square; both transit hubs offer connections with numerous subway and bus lines, plus the Metro-North Railroad. Traveling by taxi is another simple way to explore.


When to Get There

The Chrysler Building is an iconic, year-round landmark that can be visited and enjoyed in every season. The lobby is open from 10am–6pm, Monday–Friday, excluding public holidays.


Chrysler Building’s Exterior

True to name, the Chrysler Building was the headquarters for Chrysler for several decades. If you look closely, you’ll discover hubcaps, fenders, and other automotive flourishes incorporated into its façade. Then, there are its famous, eagle-shaped gargoyles, inspired by the brand’s hood ornaments.

Adresse: 405 Lexington Avenue, 10174, USA
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