New York City for Foodies

New York City for Foodies
New York City is paradise for food lovers: whether you're hungry for bagels or Buffalo mozzarella, NYC-style pizza or Burmese noodles, you're sure to find it in this capital of cuisine. Here's how to maximize every bite you take in the Big Apple.

Must-Try Dishes
Any New York City food experience worth its salt needs to start with the classic NYC food trinity: New York–style pizza, bagels, and hot dogs, all great grab-and-go snacks that are widely available all around town. Italian cuisine is another local favorite, so be sure to track down some cannoli or a meatball in neighborhoods like Little Italy and the Upper West Side. And for those looking for a quick taste of New York's diverse ethnic eats, look for one of the city's many curb-side food carts, which dole out everything from Middle Eastern falafel to Belgian waffles. Other foodstuffs like knishes (a dough-filled pastry) and soup dumplings also offer tasty samples of the city's rich Jewish and Chinese heritages.

Must-Do Experiences
  • Walk the streets of Manhattan's Little Italy on a food tour, sampling Italian favorites like cannoli, fresh pasta, espresso, meatballs, and more.
  • Savor the bohemian history of NYC on a Greenwich Village tour while snacking on local pizza and chocolate.
  • Dig into a plate of Harlem's legendary soul food before heading to a happening nightspot for some live jazz or hip-hop music.
  • Try some of the city's tastiest slices during an in-depth tour of NYC's best pizza spots
  • Explore the culture of New York's Russian community during a three-course lunch or dinner at the elegant Russian Tea Room.
  • Escape Manhattan and discover the burgeoning food scene in Brooklyn, where you can sample everything from Polish pierogi to hipster-style, cold-brew coffee.
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