Niagara Falls from New York

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Niagara Falls from New York
Niagara Falls is the most powerful falls in North America, and this country-straddling landmark is one of the top tourist destinations of the region. The falls themselves are truly breathtaking, and while most visitors feel that New York City is too far removed, that need not be the case.

Niagara Falls is located in what is known as the Finger Lake region of New York, and the surrounding countryside is lined with farms and apple orchards. A drive through this Arcadian landscape is a delight, and from New York, many 2-day bus tours offer highlights of the region, stopping in Watkins Glen Canyon and its rock-walled canyons before sojourning onward to Niagara.

Other summer tours take you into the mist of the falls on either the historic Maid of the Mist ferryboat, or by exhilarating, finger-biting jetboat.

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