Ballard Park

Ballard Park
Located west of Bellevue Avenue, Ballard Park is Newport’s only nature reserve. In sync with its affluent residential surroundings, the 13-acre park is an elegant oasis, ringed with a dense forest with plenty of green spots for sun and shade. It’s also the site of many events (e.g. Yoga in the park), picnics, and other festive gatherings.

Inside the park, visitors will discover a diverse natural refuge, with walking paths, two 19th-century quarries, and a variety of flora and fauna---birds, turtles, and deer frolic in its tall grasses and trees. The park is also home to streams, a vernal pond, rocky ledges, and wooded ravines. Parts of the park even offer views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Practical Info

Ballard Park is located at the intersection of Hazard and Wickham roads and Ruggles Avenue. To get here, head west on Ruggles Avenue from either Bellevue Avenue or Carroll Avenue. The park is open from sunrise to sunset.
Adresse: Ballard Park, Hazard Rd, Newport, RI, USA
Åpningstider: Sunrise to Sunset
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