Sevres Ceramics Museum

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Sevres Ceramics Museum
During the early nineteenth century Alexandre Brongniard, the director of the Sevres Porcelain Manufacture at the time, set up the Sevres Ceramics Museum (Musée National de Ceramique de Sevres) to showcase the history and craftsmanship of the Sevres company (considered to be among the finest makers of ceramics in the world). 

Today the museum on the banks of the Seine houses a collection of more than 50,000 ceramic pieces (one of the largest collections in the world) highlighting a variety of countries, periods and techniques. Only a fifth of the collection sits on permanent display to the public. The museum is divided into theme galleries, including Ancient Greece, Chinese and Islamic ceramics, Moorish earthenware, Raku Japanese and Korean stoneware, contemporary ceramics and a collection of works by Luca della Robbia.
Adresse: 2 Place de la Manufacture, Sèvres, France, Frankrike
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