Pueblo Grande Museum

Pueblo Grande Museum

Pueblo Grande Museum is an archaeological park located on the ruins of a 1,500 year-old Native American village. Located in the heart of the Phoenix Metropolitan, this amazingly well-preserved landmark reveals the story of the Hohokam people, an entire culture that has now vanished. Through various exhibits and activities, the Pueblo Grande Museum aims to preserve, learn, and educate people about the life and culture of this prehistoric community.

The Museum features three main sections and is a fascinating experience for the whole family. First, there is an interior gallery which showcases various artifacts from the Hohokam people, including pottery, tools, jewelry, and more. The gallery includes a wide array of history about the Hohokam people as well as hands-on tools to help you interact and imagine life during that time. Next, there are the outdoor trails where you can walk through the ruins of the actual Hohokam village. See full adobe compounds, a ball court, gardens, and more. Finally, there is the children’s “Dig It” portion of the museum. Here, learn about the archeology behind the Hohokam ruins by identifying artifacts, studying clues, and more. Or even build your own miniature Hohokam village!

Adresse: Phoenix 85034, USA
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