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There are plenty of different ways you can experience the grandeur of the Grand Canyon from Phoenix. Pick a helicopter tour, a coach tour, a 4WD tour or go for a walk on the brand new Skywalk out over the Grand Canyon.

For the adventurous at heart, a trip to the Hualapai Reservation on the West Rim of the Grand Canyon will provide the thrill of a lifetime. Take an aerial tour and see an Indian village and cultural performance, and visit historic Montezuma Castle. Or enjoy a driving tour through the Sonoran Desert and visit a Navajo Reservation along the way. Take a flight over the magnificent Grand Canyon and enjoy unparalleled views from the sky as you soar over the mighty Colorado River, and fly through Dragon Corridor. See Sedona and the Grand Canyon over two, three or four days. Revisit the glory days of train travel on the Grand Canyon Railroad, or float down the Colorado River on a boat.

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