Mercado Santurce

Mercado Santurce
It’s tough to miss the huge avocado sculptures and lively crowds outside Mercado Santurce, the largest public market in San Juan. Both locals and travelers flock to this popular destination known for its fresh produce, fragrant herbs and traditional Puerto Rican eateries. Visitors can wander through well-lit stalls and sample freshly squeeze juices, fried fish or spicy beans, while combing through household items and other typical market wares.

On weekends and weeknights things at Mercado Santurce really heat up. Once produce hawkers head home, travelers will find live DJs, dancing and fresh daiquiris at just about every shop surrounding the market. Locals gather here to let loose after a long work day, catch up with friends and sample some of the best street cuisine this city has to offer.

Practical Info

Mercado Santurce is located across the Baldorioty de Castro Highway opposite Condado near Dos Hermanos and Capitol Streets. Parking is difficult to find on weekends, so it’s best to travel by cab on Saturday and Sunday. 
Adresse: 1348 Calle Roberts, San Juan, Puerto Rico
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