Hard Rock Cafe San Diego

Hard Rock Cafe San Diego
The Hard Rock Cafe San Diego serves up classic American foods and rock-and-roll memorabilia with a local California twist. It is known for both its fish tacos, burgers, salads, and fresh cocktails, as well as its original memorabilia from bands like No Doubt, Aerosmith and Sugar Ray. Pieces of music history surround you as you dine here, and live performances are frequent. Autographed albums, photos, costumes, and guitars line the walls and are always fun to browse.

This location was called the Golden Lion Tavern until it was converted into a Hard Rock Cafe in 1998. Today the same lively atmosphere (and happy hours!) continue to delight locals and visitors alike. There is also a retail shop on site with the classic Hard Rock souvenirs. San Diego is also home to one of the world’s Hard Rock Hotels.

Adresse: 801 4th Ave, San Diego, California, USA 92101, USA
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