Farellones and El Colorado

These two connected villages, only an hour away from Santiago, comprise one of the most popular ski centers in the country, both because of their proximity to the capital and their high number of ski runs.

Ranging up to almost 11,000 feet (3,352 meters) above sea level, and with numerous ski classes available for those who need a refresher course, El Colorado is an ideal place to bring the family for a quick jump-start to the season. Nearly 70 runs graze the mountain in total, which receives an average snowfall of 15 feet (4.5 meters). Full equipment is available to rent.

With a BBQ grill, local supermarket, cozy pub, and coffee shop on the terrace (which boasts 'Swiss-Alpine' cuisine), the resort offers plenty of munchies post-piste—with scenic views to boot.

Photo courtesy of Dario Alpern via Wikimedia Commons.
Adresse: Chile
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