The name of this street, and the neighborhood that surrounds it, is synonymous with fairly close-in luxury in Santiago. It’s just to the north of sprawling (but also pricey) Las Condes, and contains some of the highest-valued real estate in the city, including world class hotels, restaurants, shopping, and one of the nicest urban parks you’re likely to visit in South America. 

Shopping takes place on Vitacura itself, and then on two main tree-lined boulevards called Nueva Costanera and Alonso de Córdoba, where there is loads of shopping for clothing and home design, including international boutiques, and a couple of local stores. For restaurants, choose from several reservations-only, dress up restaurants on Nueva Costanera, many of which have won awards, including recently, Boragó, which was named one of the top 50 restaurants in South America. The other two Chilean restaurants also named are close by, Osaka, in the W Hotel on Isidora Goyanachea, and Ambrosia, a bit further up from Parque Bicentenario, a lovely park with waterfowl to feed, chaises to sit in (under umbrellas), a few running paths, and a dog agility park. 

Vitacura is also home to two worthwhile museums, the Museo de La Moda (fashion museum) and the free Ralli art museum, both easily accessed by taxi from anywhere in Vitacura.
Adresse: Santiago, Chile
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