Sé Cathedral

Sé Cathedral
Lording over the heart of the city, the immense Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption—abbreviated to Catedral da Sé in reference to its status as the seat of the local Roman Catholic archbishop—almost seems out of place with its mid-century Modernist neighbors. In fact, the current neo-Gothic structure is the third incarnation of the cathedral, the first church having been established in 1589. Designed by German architect Maximilian Hehl in 1912, construction on the current church began the following year, only coming to full completion in 1967, a full 50 years after Hehl himself died and 13 years after the cathedral was inaugurated for São Paulo’s 400th anniversary in 1954.

One of the largest neo-Gothic structures in the world and certainly the largest in Brazil, the cathedral’s massive dimensions include a length of 364 feet, a 98-foot dome, and a height of 301 feet from ground level to the tip of the twin spires. The 12,000-pipe organ is among the largest in South America and the church houses a vast number of religious artworks, including colorful mosaics and stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes. With capacity for 8,000 parishioners, there is plenty of room for the devout and the curious.
Adresse: Praca da Se, Sao Paolo 01000-000, Brasil
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